The Documentary 

Through the guidance of the international model Tanya Gervasi, Art of Illusion - One in a Million proposes to be a documentary outlining both the issues caused by an illusion sold as achievable in reality and the possible solutions that public institutions can implement to tackle the uprising crisis among young girls related to fashion, models, social media, and the ferocious and dishuman beauty standards. 

This is the first documentary meant to explore the European fashion market offering entirely original content - necessary for showing the effects of a culture that on one side doesn't teach young girls and women to accept themselves and love their bodies, and on the other it preaches self-love and elects to fame women championing body acceptance/positivity. Our quest begins in Ancient Greece, where the roots of today’s Western society lay and where the myth of perfection was born, only to arrive to New York and back to Europe. 

Nowadays more than ever we need tools that contribute to media literacy. Art of Illusion realises exactly that through the contribution of art curators, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists, former supermodels, today’s supermodels, social media experts, geneticists, and doctors. We dare argue how the current system profits from women's loss of health and subtle manipulation of their desires and deepest needs.
How can fashion lead a feminist talk when its core foundations are the opposite?

A British and Italian film which ambitions are to understand and bring to the surface topics rarely discussed in fashion. All in an attempt to shine some light on the illusions used against women, but that appear to work in favour. 
This is a one of a kind documentary targeting specifically teenagers. The film points at being an educational tool for the new generation. We sincerely wonder, can fashion be different? And if so, how? Can the beauty of women be shown truthfully? Can fashion exist without illusion? And most importantly, what if fashion, after all, has nothing to do with beauty?

Yet it's not just a documentary about models. It aims to show through models how cultural production works.

Filming Locations: London, Milan, New York.
Final Product: TV, Online Streaming, VOD
Beginning of filming: 2019
Release date: 2021

Note: this film is entirely self-funded because it wants to stay independent in its vision and critique. We are in no way targeting specific brands, rather questioning an entire system through the eyes and the experience of someone who has worked in the industry for over 20 years.

Photo Exhibition

“Reality is rough, imperfect, disproportionate, but with it we can still create smoothness, perfection and proportion. Then, perhaps, girls will realise they are beautiful just the way they are.” – Tanya Gervasi

The Art of Illusion Exhibition aims to demonstrate how a normal and imperfect body can create perfect images through light and perspective.

Through the lens of a camera, lights and shadows, the ability to pose and the correct angle, it is possible to create shapes and forms that are very different from what our eyes see.

The photo shoot for the exhibition will see three women, only one of whom (that is, Shaun Holder) will be a professional model. The two non-models - Arianna, a thirteen year old girl and Elena, a mature woman - have been chosen to prove that anyone can create the illusion of perfection despite having or not a perfect body, because using your own body as an instrument to create art is a skill that can be learned.

Such an exhibition, where truth is unveiled, will plant a seed of consciousness in young girls’ minds. Women who show both their “human body” and their “model body” at the same time give another meaning to fashion, beauty and image. 

Moreover, this is a bridge to link reality and images so that they are not experienced as two separate entities, but as one that enriches and inspires the other.

Photographer: Lily Cummings 
Exhibition Dates: Coming Soon
Exhibition Locations: Coming Soon


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